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Zambezi Pretoria Pools Services

As a pool owner, it should be your pride and joy to have a sparkling blue pool at all times. It requires quite a bit of effort and regular maintenance. Several homeowners attempt to handle everything related to their swimming pool’s maintenance on their own, but it necessitates its own list of chores that you need to complete in order to maintain your swimming pool’s sparkling appeal. Swimming pool maintenance can swiftly turn into a hassle if you choose the DIY approach.

Here you can find all the information you need regarding Zambezi Pretoria Pools Services, who we are and what we do, including our key pool maintenance services, periodic specials and contact information. Zambezi Pretoria Pools Services employs expert teams to offer the highest quality pool maintenance services in and around the Gauteng province. We deal with everything from general pool cleaning and maintenance to sweeping and back washing, all inclusive of the monthly charge. Our comprehensive range of services also includes building pools, filter installations, pump repairs, renovations and anything required for the general running of a pool.

If we detect a problem, we’ll notify you and suggest the best possible solution. Every time your pool is serviced, Zambezi Pretoria Pools Services maintenance crew will carry out a comprehensive analysis and implement the necessary steps needed to tackle the problem quickly and thoroughly.


  • Fibreglass and Marbelite
  • Services, Repairs and Maintenance
  • Weekly, monthly fortnightly cleaning
  • Renovations, Painting and Building
  • Draining and Acid Wash
  • Pump/Filter Installations & Repairs
  • Pool Covers
  • Filter Sand Replacement
  • Salt Chlorinator Installations
  • Solar Heating
  • Water supply to top up pools

Jacuzzis and Spa Baths

  • Shell Repairs and Paintings
  • Repairs and Replacements for pumps, filters, blowers, heaters, etc.
  • Installations
  • Weekly, monthly fortnightly cleaning
  • Jacuzzi bubble covers
  • Jacuzzi Removals
  • Second Hand Jacuzzis (Stock dependent)

Ponds and Water Features

  • Fibreglass and Concrete
  • Services, Repairs and Maintenance
  • Cleaning – weekly, fortnightly and monthly
  • Renovations and Building
  • Draining and Acid Washes
  • Waterproofing
  • Filter Stones Replacements
  • Pump and Filter Replacement and Repairs

Covers and Nets

  • Evaporation Covers
  • Safety Nets
  • Solid Pool Covers
  • Slide on Pool Covers
  • Leaf Catchers
  • Pole Covers
  • Roll up Stations
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