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What Cvp Security Can Do For You

What Cvp Security Can Do For You

Whether you are looking for corporate security guarding services, executive protection or a security officer for motor patrols and vehicle surveillance, Cvp Security has what you need.

Cvp Security provides long term and short term extensively trained guards for both private and commercial properties. Our team of guards are highly trained and licensed firearm users to ensure the safety of your home, business and loved ones.

We are Johannesburg based and cover most areas.

  • Uniformed and undercover security
  • Private security
  • 24-hour dispatcher
  • Office security
  • Gated community security (complexes)
  • Contract security
  • Concierge services
  • Security guarding services
  • Security escort service
  • Corporate security services
  • Office building and office parks
  • Consultations / security surveys
  • Warehouse Security / loss prevention
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Visitor and employee control and security
  • Shredding of personal documents
  • Special events security coverage
  • Auto protection for functions etc
  • Retail shopping centre patrols
  • Churches, bazaars, fetes
  • Executive protection and celebrity bodyguards
  • Emergency security services

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