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Stone Ridge Country Estate Centurion swimming pools

It is very important to regularly clean and maintain your swimming pool in order to ensure that the water is kept safe and healthy for its users. In an effort to ease the pool maintenance, stress from swimming pool owners, Cvp Swimming Pools is at your service to be your professional pool maintenance partner. By signing an agreement with us, we will visit your premises on a regular basis and carry out the required maintenance services. This leaves fewer headaches for pool owners to regularly remove time from their busy schedule to keep the pool and the water clean.

Why hire Cvp Holdings Swimming Pools for your swimming pool maintenance?

Maintaining the chemistry of your pool water is not something that one can do by themselves. Maintenance experts from Cvp Swimming Pools will do the needful for you and reduce the frustration in trying to do it by yourself. By applying proper chemical treatment to the water, Cvp Swimming Pools guarantees the well being of those using the swimming pool. Using the proper quantities of chemicals is a confusing process and is best left in the hands of professionals from Cvp Swimming Pools as we have more knowledge regarding such scientific equations.

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We, at Cvp Swimming Pools , are well trained to secure your pool equipment. This includes a lot of moving parts and minor mechanical issues which, if mishandled, may cause a dramatic effect on the functioning and filtration process of your swimming pool. Therefore, we advise you to come to us for your swimming pool maintenance Cvp Swimming Pools to keep your pool running smoothly. Furthermore, our team of experts will keep in mind any preventive maintenance techniques that would have to be applied in case your pool is beginning to age.

By hiring our professional services, you can extend the duration of how long you get to enjoy your swimming pool luxuries and you can also extend the life of your swimming pool parts from the utmost interior to the utmost exterior. Our maintenance staff at STONE RIDGE COUNTRY ESTATE CENTURION SWIMMING POOLS has the supplies required at their immediate disposal, hence saving you the trouble of running around to find the maintenance equipment. By handing over your swimming pool maintenance South Africa contract to stone ridge swimming pools, you can continue enjoying the luxuries of your pool with a peaceful state of mind and absolutely no wastage of your time.

Cost effective pool maintenance advice from Cvp Swimming Pools Pools

Owning a swimming pool in your backyard is a great way to add value to and enhance your home. And by simply following a few do-it-yourself maintenance pointers, you can save a lot of money with unnecessary repairs and maintenance costs. Our team at
Pretoria pools has the best interests of the customer in mind. Here are a few pointers that pool owners should keep in mind.

1.  Have a chemical test kit in hand. Bacteria and algae are fast growing elements in water and are difficult to get rid of. Therefore, a simple test kit will help you monitor its growth.

2. Observe the water chemistry in your pool water by making sure chlorine levels are between 1.0 and 3.0 PPM and the acid levels are between 7.2-7.6 PPM.

3. Make sure your filters are clean because filters are what keep your water away from small debris and dirt.

4. Large debris such as leaves and garbage is cleaned with skimmers and therefore it is important to keep your skimmers clean.

5. You could use automatic sweepers and vacuums instead of skimmers to keep your pool away from dirt and debris. This will reduce the amount of manual work involved in swimming pool maintenance stone ridge swimming pools.

To avoid our clients from incurring unnecessary swimming pool maintenance services, the above pointers are advised in order to save them from big swimming pool repair jobs. However, if at any point you feel that you are unable to maintain the water chemistry or clean the pool filters, stone ridge swimming pools is just a call away. Just ring us up or drop us an inquiry online and we will be at your service as fast as possible.

Cvp Swimming Pools achieves customer satisfaction with all-round pool maintenance services

  • Weekly maintenance: Swimming pool owners want to keep their pool sparkling clean always but do not have the time to maintain it. A maintenance professional from stone ridge swimming pools will visit your site every week and clean the filters and skimmers, balance the chemicals, remove debris, backwash if required, and maintain the pool equipment as and how needed.
  • Repairs: For complicated issues such as water leaks, plumping problems, chemical feeders, chlorination systems, and so on, stone ridge swimming pools should be your go to person. We strictly advise clients to refrain from trying to solve these issues by themselves as it could lead to double trouble. Our repair services include resurfacing, replacing equipment, repairing pumps and filters, repairing valves, re-doing any lighting systems, and repairing motors and heaters.
  • Equipment Installation and Upgrades: Those who have built their swimming pool years ago are now upgrading their equipment with the latest energy efficient ones. By hiring Johannesburg Pools for these upgrading services, we will ensure that the equipment matches your needs and is professionally installed, thereby improving the quality or your swimming environment.
  • Leak Detection and Repair: Finding a leak in a large watery pool surface is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Our trained team at stone ridge swimming pools have the equipment required to easily locate the leak and repair it.
  • Pool Resurfacing: You would want to hire the professionals at stone ridge swimming pools to do your pool resurfacing ad transform the look of your backyard the right way. Our experts will advice you on which look to go for after taking the other required considerations into account.
  • Pool Opening and Closing: Seek the help of professional staff from stone ridge swimming pools when closing your pool up for the winters or opening it for the spring. We will detect any leaks and repairs that need attention and will act accordingly.
  • Pool Liner Replacement: Replacing or repairing your pool vinyl liner is best done by an expert. This is because the replacement has to be custom made with measurements that fit the existing pool. You can choose from the wide range of liners available at stone ridge swimming pools and our maintenance specialists will replace it for you to make your pool look beautiful and clean again.

If you are too busy to personally cater to your pool maintenance Pretoria and jhb Pools , then stone ridge swimming pools

have a wide range of swimming pool maintenance services that will suit your needs. Whether you need a weekly visit, monthly visit, need to resurface your pool, repair a leak, upgrade your equipment, replace your liner or simply close your pool up for a few months, our professional staff is at your service for all your maintenance needs. We promise to keep your pool sparkling clean and ready to enjoy!

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