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Security Guarding

Guarding Services

  • Uniformed Protection Services & maintenance (premier security plan optional)
  • Undercover Protection Services
  • Special Events
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Mobile Protection

Rigorous Training:

Well trained staff, a solid infrastructure, sophisticated technology and a 24hr control room with response vehicles, enables us to provide our clients with security services that are prompt and professional.

All Cvp Security personnel must complete an intensive two-week in-house training programme which covers both practical and theoretical information. SASSETA accredited instructors and former instructors of the South African Police Force and South African Defence Force interact with candidates through lectures, role-playing and real life scenarios. Before placements at clients, candidates must pass the examination with a pass rate of 80% or higher.

Our curriculum inter alia covers the following:

  • Receiving and dispatch procedures
  • Cancelling staff purchases, controlling
  • Department checks staff buying and detecting under
  • Opening and lock-up procedures charging
  • Effective access control
  • Monitoring vagrants in car parks
  • Searching suspicious persons and shop lifters
  • Arrests
  • Protecting customers and protecting
  • Communications and public staff against intimidation relations
  • Basic fire fighting
  • Armed response procedures
  • Stock take teams
  • Escorting cash, valuables
  • Loss control and shrinkage audits people
  • Effective patrolling and supervision
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Checking waste disposal
  • Monitoring service departments and inter-departmental transfers

Regular refresher training classes ensure that skills remain sharp.Screening and selection of security officers:

Cvp Security uses an intensive screening and selection process in order to recruit only the very best personnel. Our hiring procedure includes PSIRA registration and accredited training, personal interviews, background investigations, employment reference checks, and personality and psychological evaluations. We also do Ideco non – criminal checks on all our new employees. Our active security officers regularly undergo polygraph tests and Ideco checks to ensure that our screening procedures remain effective. This also provides our clients with additional peace of mind.

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