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If you want a swimming pool to maintain its top notch condition, you need to invest in its maintenance. There are many activities that go into the maintenance, all meant to ensure the durability and safety of the pool. If your pool is in need of maintenance, we are the best pool maintenance contractors in Johannesburg. We specialize in covering every aspect of upkeep for your pool at the most affordable rates, thereby giving you value for money. We are an established business, with all the required permits and licenses. Our technicians are also well trained both in the service deliver and in customer relations.

To begin with, we provide professional pool cleaning Johannesburg services. It goes without saying that a swimming pool can be a source of diseases and infections if not properly cleaned. We provide professional pool cleaners who do a meticulous job of thoroughly cleaning your pool. We are experts on swimming pool chemicals, knowing how to mix them and use them appropriately. By the time we are done with your pool, you can be sure that is will be safe and hygienic to use. This service can be offered on a regular basis or on a one time basis as per the needs.

There are other aspects of swimming pool maintenance Johannesburg that are just as important as cleaning. One of them is filter and pump maintenance. With regular service of filtration system, the pool will keep cleaning itself and operating optimally. For clients with heated pools, we also do pool heater servicing. All these activities are meant to detect problems early and prevent them so that you can continue using your pool. Regular maintenance is actually cheaper in the long term as you will avoid serious damage which costs more to repair.

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